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Guidance for Asking a question and Publishing a post

New support website allow users to publish an user post and submit a question.

  • Everyone can ask a question without register an account on Titathink. Sumbit your question by visiting Ask Question.
  • By registering an account on Titathink Support website, you will be able to publish your posts. A post would be used to share the test and review of your camera. Click Add Post to publish post.


The Quick Guide for adding a question

At the top of Support site, Click “Questions List” button on the navigation bar to access Questions List page. On the header of Question list page, enter a question subject.

Next, you need to provide more details to describe your question. NOTE: (*) means the field is required.

  • [Username] The display name. It could be nickname or full name.
  • [E-mail] Your email address. Please make sure it’s typed without any spelling mistake so that Titathink can deliver an email when somebody answers your question.
  • [Question Title] Requires a subject about your question.
  • [Tags] This field is optional. But we recommend you to leave your camera model in this field. A tag  should be separated with a comma symbol. For example, your camera model is TT520PW. Please enter “tt520pw” and enter a comma symbol at the end. It’ll be helpful for Titathink customer service to locate your question.
  • [Category] Please select category according to both product model and the type of your question.
  • [Poll] Enable Poll option, your question will be a poll question.
  • [Attachment] Provide some screen shots and photo relevant your question to assist Titathink customer service or other users to troubleshoot the issue.
  • [Details] Please write some words to describe the question you met. It should include the phenomenon of issue, what’s the brand of external device if camera was connected to, the order number if your got Titathink product from Amazon.
  • [Video description] If you have a short video about the question, please post it onto this question page. It requires a YouTube video or Vimeo video.
  • [Notified] If you want to receive a notification email once someone answered your question, please enable it.


  • If you sumbit this question with Anonymous role, you will have no ability to edit/delete the question you posted.
  • Registered user can edit and delete the question their own. Meanwhile, registered users can follow other question to receive an email when someone answered it.


Publish a post to share the use of experience

After you logged in Titathink Support site, you will be able to publish a post. Find the Add Post on the top of website.

NOTE: The Post must not include any abusive word and meaningless advertising.

  • [Post Title] The subject of your post. This field is required.
  • [Tags] Add one or more tags to indicate the subject of your post.
  • [Category] Please choose User Post.
  • [Attachment] Add attachments to your post. It should be picture, pdf, word file, etc.
  • [Details] The content of your post.
  • Click Publish Your Post to sumbit the post.
Greetings from Titathink. We are Titathink supporters, we offer 24/7 free support service for you.

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