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Hi - I also have the issue of recorded audio being out of sync with video on the TT531 series. Another thread mentions that there is a firmware update available to fix this, but there is no firmware available for ...
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Asked on 1 week ago

Hello,   I own a TITATHINK IP camera: tt522pw https://titathink.com/tt522pw-spy-ip-camera   When I'm at home with my freebox network it works perfectly   But when I'm at friends' house with another wifi network I can not connect   The status ...
Asked on 1 year ago

When I export videos from the LIzvie app to my iphone Photos it works fine, however when I try the same thing (exporting video files to Photos) ON MY IPAD it says "Export file succeeded" but nothing happens, i.e., the ...
Asked on 2 years ago

My mother recently purchased a Titathink TT520PW and is completely technology illiterate.  She’s asked me to help her setup the camera, but since we live very far away from each other, I can only try to help her troubleshoot over ...
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Asked on 3 years ago