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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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15. Reset Camera

Sometimes, you need to reset the camera to fix some undesirable problems, such as a black screen, connection lost, the camera can not be found, WiFi disconnected but it’s OK ago, and so on.

Please see Reset/WPS Button to find the RESET button on camera and how to operate RESET button.

If you met a problem of black screen. Before you reset the camera, you need to check the connection between Lens unit and Base unit. Does it connect tightly?

If you met connection lost problem, you need to check the router if it works normally before you reset the camera.

If you met WiFi disconnected problem, Before you reset the camera, you need to check if the WiFi password has changed, or check whether or not the router can broadcast WiFi signal, or check the strength of WiFi ( You can see Connect to WiFi ).

After you reset the camera, the problem is still remained, please contact us.

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