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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 17. Mount to FTP server

17. Mount to FTP server

By configuring FTP Upload interface, you can make the Titathink cameras to upload the video file to indicated FTP server.

1. Go to Date & Time interface

Open your Anyscene app, and go to “My Camera” –> “Edit Camera” –> “Advanced Setting” –> “Cloud Archive” –> “FTP Upload”.

For more details about how to access advanced setting page, see Advanced Setup.

2. Configure the FTP Upload

In order to use FTP upload feature, you need to configure following parameters:

  • FTP Upload. This is master switch of FTP upload function.
  • Server. Fills your server name to this field.
  • Port. This is an optional field, port “21” is used as default, you can modify it based on your FTP server.
  • Authentication. This option is enabled by default. If your FTP doesn’t require an account and it is on-limits, you can turn off this option.
  • Account. The account of your FTP server.
  • Password. The password of your FTP server.
  • Remote Path. This field requires your FTP server path. In general, the format is consist of your domain and document name.

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