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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 18. Record onto NAS

18. Record onto NAS

, In default setting, Titathink camera will automatically start recording onto SD card while the camera detects a motion. You can switch it to record onto a NAS device or your computer disk. It requires you to finish following setup. You can also configure it via camera’s web application page, see Record onto NAS via web application page.

1. Open Anyscene app and Access “Advanced Setting” page

  1. Open your Anyscene APP, and go to “My Camera” interface.
  2. Tap the contraction icon  to popup the edit menu.
  3. Tap the Edit icon  to access “Edit Camera” interface.
  4. Tap “Advanced Setting” option to access Advanced Setting page.


2. Access “Local Storage” page

  1. Tap “Cloud Archive” option to access Cloud Archive page.
  2. Tap “Local Storage” option.


3. Configure the Storage Settings

To record onto NAS device, you need to make sure your enable “Storage Enable” option and set the “Storage Device” to “NAS”. You also need to configure following parameters:

  • Storage Enable. This is master switch of storage function.
  • Storage Device. In order to record to NAS device or computer disk, switch it to “NAS“.
  • Storage Root DIr. The default value is “IPCAMERA”. This option is used to fill the sub-direction of shared direction. For example, if you create a direction named “ipcam” and then create a sub-direction named “my-video” in the “ipcam”, you should fill this field with “my-video”.
  • Max Storage Space. This option is used to limit the stored space of all video files, the “Unlimited” is set by default.
  • Max Storage File. This option is used to limit the amounts of videos.
  • NAS URL. The field should be filled with the NAS remote path. In general, this path is consist of the IP address of NAS device and the shared direction. Please note: the format of path must be // For example, we create a shared folder named “ipcam” in the computer which that IP address is, the NAS remote path would be //
  • NAS user. This field requires your user name of login account. But for Win7 or Win8, this field must be filled with the username, for WinXP or Win 2003 or Win 10 but requires some specific setup on PC. This field could be blank. See NAS Devices to learn more.
  • NAS Password. This field requires your password of login account. But for Win7 or Win8, this field must be filled with the password, for WinXP or Win 2003 or Win 10 but requires some specific setup on PC. This field could be blank. See NAS Devices to learn more.

How to set camera record continuously?

If you have a need that making camera to record continuously regardless of whether or not detects motion. You can see: Continuously recording.

How to check if the NAS/disk is full?

You should access into your NAS device to check if you set camera record onto NAS. If you set camera record onto computer, you should check the folder you shared.

The mechanism of recording to NAS when NAS is full

When the NAS’s disk/Computer’s disk is filled by recording videos, the camera can not delete these files or replace the oldest files to newest files, it requires you delete them manually.

Except storing onto NAS, you can make the camera recording/storing video file to other storage device, such as local SD card, NVR device.

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