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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 2-1. Check SD Card

2-1. Check SD Card

Recording onto a micro SD card is very helpful for most of users to save the alarm videos. Before you get started making the Titathink camera to record on a SD card. You should ensure the camera has recognized the SD card.

If you has not inserted a SD card or prepare plugging a SD card, see SD card inserted.

Next, you can check the SD card status with Anyscene app.

1. Open Anyscene app and access “Advanced Setting”

  1. Open your Anyscene APP, and go to “My Camera” interface.
  2. Tap the contraction icon  to popup the edit menu.
  3. Tap the Edit icon  to access “Edit Camera” interface.



2. Go to “About Device”

  1. Tap “Advanced Setting” option to access advanced setting interface.
  2. Tap “About Device” on the bottom of interface.
  3. You will see “Total Space” and “Free Space”. These two options are used for describing SD card.
  • Total Space: The parameter means the all capacity of SD card.
  • Free Space: This parameter means the remainder capacity of SD card.
  • If these two options show you Not Ready. That means the camera can not recognize this SD card. You must recheck the SD card format, or re-plug it. If the SD card is not FAT32 format, please format it to FAT32 by referring to Next step Format SD card.


3. Format SD Card if Anyscene says Not Ready.

  1. Tap “Advanced Setting” option to access advanced setting page.
  2. Tap “Device Misc” option to access Device Misc page.
  3. Tap “Format SD” to popup a dialog box.
  4. Click “Confirm” to perform SD Card formatting program.

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