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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 2-3. Retrieve or Playback SD card

2-3. Retrieve or Playback SD card

By using Anyscene app to retrieve the video content of SD card is very easy. This article will show you that:

  • How to retrieve the video files of SD card via Anyscene
  • How to use Anyscene to playback the video stored on SD card
  • Download the video file from SD card

1. Retrieve the video files of SD card

  1. Open Anyscene and go to “Photos&Videos” interface.
  2. You can see there are two icons under the camera title.  icon means there are how many videos stored on phone.  icon means there are how many videos stored on SD card.
  3. Tap  icon to popup the menu of selected camera.
  4. Tap the  icon to get into the collection of phone videos (Camera Remote).



  1. Type the time stamp into search box, you can fast retrieve the video file you want.
  2. Tap the video title to playback this video.
  3. By tapping “Select” button, you will get into delete mode.
  4. When Anyscene has got into delete mode, tapping the camera title will select the video file. And then this video file is marked with  icon.
  5. Tap “All” button will select all video files.
  6. Tap “None” will unselect all video files.
  7. Tap  icon will delete the selected video files.



2. Playback video files with Anyscene

Tap the video title to get started playing video.

  1. The Speaker button is used for turning off/on the sound of Anyscene. NOTE: This speaker button is available on the camera which plugged in a microphone or other sound pickup device.
  2. The length of current video.
  3. The Exit button, tap it to exit.

WARNING: If you phone is Android Phone, you may not able to playback the video file with the default video player app. Due to this video belongs MP4 video, the default video player app may not have the decoder so that the playing will be failure. For this case, please use other player app or download an app called “Video Player HD” to play MP4 video.


3. Download the video file from SD card

The Anyscene app doesn’t support downloading video from SD card. If you have a need, you can do like follows:

  • You are beside the camera and have a card reader, you can take down the SD card from camera (*Please shut down camera first) and then plug this SD card to your computer with card reader. Copy the video file which you need.
  • You’re away from camera or have no card reader. You can remotely download the video file from SD card via the web application of camera. For more operation information, see Browse SD card.
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