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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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3-1. Alarm records list

Event list is the collection of alarm records. Anyscene or Babelens app will automatically collect the motion detected information and record it as a list. You can find out it in the “Alarm records” interface of Anyscene/Babelens app.

1. See the Event list

  1. Open Anyscene pr Babelens app and go to “Alarm Records” interface.
  2. You can see there is small bell icon under the camera title.  icon means there are how many events had been detected.
  3. Tap the camera title you will get into the “Event list”.
  4. In “Event List”, the red event means the event isn’t read yet.
  5. Tap the “Delete” button you will detect all events.

2. Read the event

By tapping the event title, you can read the details of selected event. There are two kinds of event.

  • Motion detection event. This event alerts you the camera has detected a motion. For the associated alarm video, you can find out it from the SD card or other storage devices according to date of event. See Retrieve SD card.
  • Off line event. This event alerts you the camera is lost connection. In general case, you shut sown camera or disconnect camera from Internet. You may receive this event alarm.

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