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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 3-2. Turn On/Off APP notification

3-2. Turn On/Off APP notification

Anyscene or Babelens app will inform you by pushing an APP notification when the Titathink camera detects a motion or the Titathink is off line. You can manually turn on/off this function.


1. Go to Alarm Records interface

  1. Open Anyscene or Babelens and go to “Alarm Records” interface.
  2. Tap  icon to popup the menu of selected camera.
  3. Tap the edit icon  , the Anyscene will popup a confirm window.


2. Start/Stop receiving notifications from camera

Tap the  edit icon will popup “Stop receiving notifications from this camera” for the first time. Tap “Confirm” button, the Anyscene will stop pushing notification. Then you can see “Off” beside the small bell icon.

If there is a “Off” status beside the small bell icon. Tap the  edit icon will popup “Start receiving notifications from this camera” and you will be able to receive the notification again.

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