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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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4. Voice detection & Speaker

Due to the speciality of the Titathink hidden IP cameras, Titathink hidden IP cameras don’t built-in speaker and inbuilt microphone. So the Voice Detection & Speaker options in Anyscene are unavailable for Titathink hidden IP cameras.

Please NOTE: Even through the voice detection function is invalid, but you can still record sound onto videos by connecting to an external microphone (audio pickup devices). See Audio Pickup Devices.

Check Voice detection & Speaker option

  1. Open Anyscene app and go to “My Camera” interface.
  2. Tap  icon to popup the edit menu of selected camera.
  3. Tap  edit button to go to “Edit camera” interface.
  4. Tap “Advanced setting” option to access “Advanced Setting” interface.
  5. Tap “Device Misc” option.
  6. You will see the Microphone and Speaker options. The Speaker option is Not Available.

All Titathink cameras supports voice detection function. But for TT520PW/TT521PW/TT522PW/TT520G, it requires an external microphone. Voice Detection means that camera can trigger an alarm when it detects any sound.

  • Microphone. uses to control the volume of mirophone. This option must require a microphone, it could be inbuilt microphone or external microphone. Or it’ll be Not Available.
  • Speaker option means you can control the volume of speaker when it’s available. It must require a inbuilt speaker module or external speaker (TT730LPW/TT830G). Otherwise, it’s Not Available.

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