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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 5. Video quality

5. Video quality

By using Anyscene app, you can configure several parameters to achieve the video effects you need. The parameters in Video Quality interface consists of:

  • Primary Stream
  • Secondary Stream
  • Environment Mode
  • Horizontal Flip
  • Vertical Flip
  • OSD (On-Screen-Display)
  • Power Indicator LED
  • Infrared LED
  • Primary(HD) Viewing

Go to Video Quality interface

  1. Open Anyscene or Babelens app and then go to “My Camera” interface.
  2. Tap the  icon to popup the edit menu of selected camera.
  3. Tap the  icon to go to “Edit Camera” interface.
  4. Tap the “Advanced Setting” option to access Advanced Setting interface.
  5. Tap the “Video Quality” option to get into Video Quality Interface.

Primary Stream

Primary stream is the main stream of Titathink cameras. In default settings, Titathink cameras will automatically use primary stream as the viewing stream in computer, and use secondary stream (see below) as the live view stream in mobile phone. And Titathink camera will record to SD card or other storage devices with primary stream.

By tapping the “Primary Stream” option to access the Stream Setup interface.

  • Change the video quality of primary stream by choosing “Best“,”Good“,”Medium“,”Poor“. For different value, the Image Size and Bit rate will be  difference. In default, the Best is chosen. Once you modify any value, please tap “Confirm” to save.
  • Image Size means the resolution of primary stream. WARNING: If this field is blank, that means the lens unit is connected unsuccessfully, please re-plug the lens unit several times, if the re-plug operation is useless, the lens unit may be broken.
  • Frame Per Second means the highest frame rate of primary stream. The practical frame rate will depends on the bandwidth of current network and the Bit rate value. A higher bit rate will reduce the frame rate. A lower frame rate means will be not smooth.
  • Bitrate (Kbps) means the bit rate of primary stream, in general case, with a larger bit rate value, the video quality will be better, but it will reduce the practical frame rate.
  • Pre-Recording (sec) means the camera will save how long video before a motion is detected. the range of value is from 0 second to 20 seconds.

Secondary Stream

For the meaning of each detailed parameters, please refer to “Primary Stream” interface. In fact, the Secondary Stream is used infrequently. Many users may choose this secondary stream as viewing stream when their network speed isn’t fast enough. For how to switch the viewing stream from primary stream to secondary stream, you can see the Primary(HD) Viewing option in following. Or you want to record secondary stream, see Configure alarm to record.

Environment Mode

There are two options for your choice.

  • 50Hz.
  • 60Hz.

The environment mode is used to control the scanning frequency of camera sensor. The environment mode is very useful to avoid the flashing video or flashing live view. If light source is fluorescent lamp, there will be a flicker frequency of fluorescent lamp, it may be 50Hz or 60Hz, so you should adjust the environment mode to matching the scanning frequency of camera to fluorescent lamp. But for LED source, those options will be useless.

Horizontal Flip

The Horizontal Flip option is used to flip the video screen in horizontal direction.

Vertical Flip

The Vertical Flip option is used to flip the video screen in vertical direction.

OSD (On-Screen-Display)

OSD(On-Screen-Display) option is used to control the timestamp on the video screen. It includes:

  • Disable. Don’t show any time stamp on the video.
  • Time. Stamps the current time to video screen. This time is synchronized by the time server, for more info about time server, see Date & Time.
  • Name. Stamps the camera name to video screen. The name can be modified in Edit Camera interface.
  • Name + Time. Stamps both time and name to video screen.

Power Indicator LED

Power Indicator LED is used to turn on/off the indicated light of camera, you can find this light on the surface of camera.

Infrared LED

This option is not suited to Titathink hidden IP Cameras.

Primary(HD) Viewing

Primary(HD) Viewing option is used to switch the live view streaming from secondary stream to primary streaming. But please note your bandwidth will be heavy if this option is enabled.

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