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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 6. OSD Setup

6. OSD Setup

OSD function is used to show the Date and Camera Name as a timestamp to the live view screen.

Go to Video Quality Interface

  1. Open Anyscene or Babelens app and then go to “My Camera” interface.
  2. Tap the  icon to popup the edit menu of selected camera.
  3. Tap the  icon to go to “Edit Camera” interface.
  4. Tap the “Advanced Setting” option to access Advanced Setting interface.
  5. Tap the “Video Quality” option to get into Video Quality Interface.


OSD (On-Screen-Display)

OSD(On-Screen-Display) option is used to control the timestamp on the video screen. It includes:

  • Disable. Don’t show any time stamp on the video.
  • Time. Stamps the current time to video screen. This time is synchronized by the time server, for more info about time server, see Date & Time.
  • Name. Stamps the camera name to video screen. The name can be modified in Edit Camera interface.
  • Name + Time. Stamps both time and name to video screen.

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