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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 9. Email Configuration

9. Email Configuration

Titathink camera can send you an email when it detects a motion activated. This is an useful notification method when you add Titathink camera to professional surveillance system.

1. Go to “Alarm Actions” interface

  1. Tap “Advanced Setting” option to access advanced setting interface.
  2. Enable Motion Detection option. Alarm email requires this button to enable.
  3. Tap “Alarm Actions” to access alarm actions interface.
  4. Tap “Alarm Email” option to access alarm email interface.




2. Configure alarm email

  • Email Sending. This button is used to enable/disable alarm email function.
  • Snapshot Stream. When Titathink camera sends you an email, this email will be attached some snapshots. The quality of each snapshot will be decided by this option. 1st means snapshot from primary stream (The best quality). 2nd means snapshot from secondary stream.
  • Email Interval (sec). The interval time of each email. The default value is 0 (If the detected motion is continue, the alarm email will be sent continuously).
  • Server. This is the server of your SMTP email. You can figure it out from your email service provider. For example, the server of Yahoo email is
  • Port. This filed requires the email server port. The default value is 25. But for some email service providers, this port should be others, like 587.
  • SSL Connection. By enabling this option, your email will be sent via SSL secure protocol. But this function request your email server supports SSL. This option is disabled by default.
  • Authentication. This option is enabled by default, the option is used to indicate if your email need to fill in username and password.
  • Account. The username of your email account.
  • Password. The password of your email account.
  • Sender. The identity name, you can type what you think.
  • Receiver#1,2,3. The email address of receivers. Each field can be typed one email address only.

You can also configure the alarm email via web application Email Alarm Sending.

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