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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 1. Configure alarm to record

1. Configure alarm to record

This function isn’t enabled by default in V6.01B(Mar 1th, 2016) version of firmware or older. For how to check the version of your camera, see Check the version.

“Record on a SD card on alarm” feature is available for the Titathink camera inserted SD card. If your camera doesn’t have a SD card, this feature doesn’t work. For more information about SD card required, see SD card inserted.

1. Go to “Advanced Setting”

  1. Open your Anyscene APP, and go to “My Camera” interface.
  2. Tap the contraction icon  to popup the edit menu.
  3. Tap the Edit icon  to access “Edit Camera” interface.



2. Go to “Motion Detection” interface

  1. Tap “Advanced Setting” option to access advanced setting interface.
  2. Tap “Alarm Actions” to access alarm actions interface.
  3. Tap “Motion Detection” option to access Window interface.
  4. Make sure “Alarm on” is turned on.
  5. There are four alarm windows for your choice. In default settings, the alarm window 1 is enable to cover full viewable screen(See the red zone). You can adjust the window size with your fingers.


3. Configure “Alarm Recording”

  1. Enable Alarm Recording option that camera will automatically record on SD card while it detects motions.
  2. Record Stream: There are two options you can choose. 1st means camera will record primary stream(Main stream) onto SD card. 2nd means camera will record secondary stream (Sub stream) onto SD card. For more information about 1st and 2nd, see Video quality.
  3. Post-Recording (sec): This field means the time of camera will keep on recording once an alarm recording completed. The valid parameter is from 5 to 86400 seconds.
  4. File Split (sec): This field means the duration of each alarm recording video file. The default value is 60 seconds. The valid value of this field is from 10 to 1200 seconds.
  5. After you finish the configuration, tap “Confirm” to save.

4. Make sure “Store to SD Card” in Storage Setting

To record onto SD card, you should go to “Advanced Setting” –> “Cloud Archive” –> “Local Storage” page. You need to enable “Storage Enable” option and set the “Storage Device” to “SD” and keep other settings in this page blanking. See Storage Setting.

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