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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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Camera Accessories

Titathink hidden IP cameras come with below accessories:

A DC12V power supply: Matching up a general power 2.1×5.5mm jack. It can be connected to AC 100V~240V outlet. The line of power supply is 3 meters / 10 feet. Standard plug of power supply will be difference based on the your country. USA power adapter is type A (2 pins). European power adaptor is multi-plug (2 pins/3 pins).

A LAN cable: Use this LAN cable to connect the camera(s) to your router or computer. Its length is 1 meter (3 feet). This cable accords with Cat5 standard.

Some screws: These screws are used for fixing the mounting hardware of camera(s). Including screws and nuts. A allen key is TT520PW exclusively.

Other accessories: Including a CD-ROM and a quick guide manual. For the order from Titathink Online Shop, you may have an additional 32Gb SDHC card.

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