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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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Overview Interfaces

Power cable socket:
To connect the power supply to camera so the camera could be supplied.

RJ45 LAN Port:
This jack is used for connecting to one end of LAN cable, the other end of LAN cable should be connected to a “LAN” port of router, or the RJ45 jack of your computer.

General I/O port:
It is used for connecting the external alarm devices. For more details, please refer to General IO interface.

Reset button:
This button is “Reset” key of camera, it’s used for resetting the camera to factory settings. For more details, please refer to Reset button.

Antenna Interface:
Mounting the antenna to camera so camera can transmit the video data via WiFi.

Micro SD card slot:
Insert the micro SD card into this slot so camera is able to offline/online record video stream to SD card. For more details, please refer to SD card inserted.

*CAM port:
Plugging the camera cable to this port so camera can work normally. Please note that you must ensure the camera is off power before you plug/unplug the camera cable to camera main unit.

Line in/Microphone port:
Connecting an external microphone or other audio pickup device to this port so camera can record the sound into video at real-time.

Titathink hidden IP camera can work with most of CCTV sound monitoring devices.
The specifications of audio for TT520PW is as follows:

RCA connector.
Frequency range: 100-100 KHZ.
Input impedance: 600 ohm non equilibrium.

Also you can learn more about the connectors by referring to below article :

Indicated LED:
Indicated LED is used for indicating the status of camera. For different operations, the status of indicated LED will be different.

  • WPS status: Indicated LED will be circularly changed from “Red” to “Green” every second. 
  • Power-on status: Indicated LED will be lit with green color.
  • Data transmission status: Indicated LED will be flashing fast if someone are accessing the camera and watching the live view.
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