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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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Reset button

This “Reset” button is compound key.

  • Click once (within 2 seconds) means this key is used as “WPS” key.
  • Long-pressing this key about 10 seconds means this key is used as “Reset” key. The camera will be reset.

Reset Function

If you want to restore the camera settings to factory settings, or if you missed the login password. By long pressing the “Reset” button, you will restore the camera to factory settings, and the login password will be restored to “admin”.

  1. By long pressing the RESET button about 10 seconds, and observe the indicated light on the main unit.
  2. The indicated light will switch from GREEN color to be turned off after you release the RESET button. That means you have a successful reset action. All settings of camera will be resumed to default.
  3. Waiting for the indicated light to turn on, then you should resume setting up the initialized settings by following “Get started” tutorial.

Before you start pressing the “Reset” button of camera, please make sure the camera has been powered on. 

WPS Function

WPS function is used for pairing the camera to router/modem so users don’t need to enter WiFi password. If your router/modem has WPS feature, ths button is available for you. By clicking on the Reset button, the camera will automatically get into status of waiting for matching. At this time, camera’s indicated LED will round change color from RED to GREEN to indicate the camera is waiting for matching.

Then user should press the WPS button on router/modem so the router/modem will start searching the camera which is waiting for matching in current local network.

While the router/modem discovers the camera and begin pairing, the duration of process may spend about 2 minutes. Once the camera completes the matching, the camera will automatically reboot (The indicated LED will be lit off and then lit again). After that, the camera will be entered the WiFi password by router/modem, at this point, the camera will be able to work wirelessly.

If the WPS function doesn’t work once you did a pairing action, please take a try to enter the WiFi password manually.

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