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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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Micro SD Card Inserted

Titathink cameras built-in a micro SD card slot so users can add a micro SDHC card to allow you to record footage and motion alerts direct to memory card for future review. NOTE: It is advised to insert the microSD card before any other setup begins as the card will not be recognized if inserted once the camera is turned on. Every time the card is re-inserted, you will need to turn the power off and then on again for the card to be recognized.

If you do not have a microSD card, but plan to add one later, this is fine. When inserting the card, remember to turn the power off from the camera, insert the card, and then power it back on.
The camera officially supports microSD memory cards with capacities up to 128GB, including those labelled “SDHC”. It is required to install the SD card into the camera and format it within the camera. See Format SD Card.

The micro SDHC card camera requires should meet follows:

  1. Class 4 or better.
  2. FAT32 format system.
  3. Not exceed 128Gb.

MicroSD Important Notes and Information:

  1. There is a limit to the number of rewrites possible on any MicroSD memory card. If you notice the card becoming slow or sluggish after a reasonable usage, you will probably need to replace the microSD memory card. You should try to avoid purchasing second-hand memory cards.
  2. If the card is not recognized by the camera, try formatting the microSD card via your computer and then trying it again in the camera.
  3. Images may not be recorded or read correctly if an unsupported MicroSD memory card is used with the camera.
  4. Carefully read the User guide, precautions on use, and any other information that was supplied with the memory card when purchased.
  5. Do not use a memory card containing data recorded by another device as this may result in the camera not functioning correctly.
  6. Do not modify, overwrite the data, or change the folder names of the MicroSD memory card. It may result in the camera not functioning correctly.
  7. Always turn the power off to your camera before removing the microSD memory card.
  8. Tech. cannot be held liable for any loss of data or product misuse.



WARNING: Please shut down the camera when you plug or unplug the SD card from camera!

For more information of retrieving the content stored in SD card, see Retrieve SD card.
For more information of formatting SD card, see Format SD card via web page.

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