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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. Connect to WiFi (Optional)

Connect to WiFi (Optional)

NOTE: This document is suited to below cases:

  • If you don’t yet configure “Setup WiFi” setting and just saved the camera to your Anyscene in “Add camera” interface.
  • If you just make the camera working with Ethernet but want it to work wirelessly.
  • For those users who want to recheck WiFi password or switch current WiFi network to others.

If you are new user, please read Set up camera document first.

Your camera has connected to your router/modem. If not, please see Set up camera document.


1. Go to Advanced Setting interface

  1. Open your Anyscene APP, and go to “My Camera” interface.
  2. Tap the contraction icon  to popup the edit menu.
  3. Tap the Edit icon  to access “Advanced Setting” interface.



  1. Tap “Advanced Setting” option.
  2. Tap “WiFi Networks” option.



2. Configure WiFi networks

  1. The camera will automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Select WiFi network which is same as your smart phone.
  3. Please NOTE: The percentage on the right side of WiFi network’s name is meaning the signal strength of this WiFi network. If the percentage of signal is weak, please keep the camera closer to router/modem. Or re-check the antenna connection.
  4. The color of percentage means the signal strength whether or not is strong enough to work normally. The grey color means the signal is too weak that the camera can not work with this WiFi network.

  • Type the WiFi password to the field of “Setup WiFi” popup window. And then please tap “OK” button.
  • If you type a wrong password, there will be  icon on the right side of WiFi network. That means your password is incorrect. Please tap the WiFi network again to recheck it.
    If you type a correct password, there will be  icon on the right side of WiFi network. Thar means the WiFi password is correct. Please tap the “Back” button to turn back “My Camera” interface.


3. Unplug the LAN cable from router

Once you have finished the steps above, you can take a try to unplug the LAN cable from router, and move the camera to your desired position.

NOTE: If you don’t unplug the LAN cable, the camera will preferentially use LAN cable to transmit the data and the WiFi module of camera will be standby.

After you unplug the LAN cable, please recheck the status of camera:

  1. Open Anyscene APP, and go to “My Camera” interface.
  2. Check the status icon on the camera title.
  • The blue dot means that camera has successfully worked with WiFi. The camera can connect to Internet if the router is connected to Internet.
  • The Red dot  means that camera connected to WiFi unsuccessfully. Please recheck the WiFi settings according to this document.
  • The Green dot  means that camera is trying to connect WiFi. This progress may take about 1 minute. If connection successful, this dot will switch to blue dot. otherwise, it will switch red dot. You have to recheck the WiFi setting.

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