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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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Playback phone video

Some user might use “Record” button in live view screen to record video. Anyscene can store the recording video to phone or other viewing devices. Retrieving the recording video in Anyscene is simple, and then you can play back those video.

1. Photos&Videos interface

  1. Open Anyscene and go to “Photos&Videos” interface.
  2. You can see there are two icons under the camera title.  icon means there are how many videos stored on phone.  icon means there are how many videos stored on SD card.
  3. Tap  icon to popup the menu of selected camera.


2. Get into Camera(Local)

  1. By tapping the  icon, you will see the menu of selected camera.
  2. Tap the  icon to get into the collection of phone videos.


3. Camera (Local)

  1. Select button will assist you to select all videos which that are stored in phone. Then you will get into edit mode.
  2. Tap Back, the Anyscne app will turn back to Photos&Videos interface.
  3. Tap the video thumbnail, you will play back this video. And the number 0:00:02 means the duration of video.


4. Playback video

Tapping the video thumbnail as said in above, Anyscene will switch to playback mode.

WARNING: If you phone is Android Phone, you may not able to playback the video file with the default video player app. Due to this video belongs MP4 video, the default video player app may not have the decoder so that the playing will be failure. For this case, please use other player app or download an app called “Video Player HD” to play MP4 video.


5. Delete/Share/Save the video

When you tap the “Select” button in the step 3. You can delete or share or save the video.

  1. By tapping the video thumbnail to select video file. a blue dot mark  means the video is selected.
  2. Tap “All” button will select all video files.
  3. Tap “None” button will unselect all video files.
  4. Tap “Cancel” that the Anyscene will exit the Camera (Local) interface.
  5. Tap  shared button that you can share this video or save this video from Anyscene to your phone.
  6. Tap  icon will delete the selected video files.

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