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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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What app and software you need to install

Titathink provides phone app and PC software to fit the camera so that you can setup or see the camera in most of platforms.

  • Anyscene (Available on iOS and Android)
  • Camera Live Software (Available on Windows and MAC OS system)
  • Camera Setup (Available on Windows only)


Install Anyscene to your phone or tablet

Anyscene provides two versions.

  • For Android. Downloading from Google play
  • For iOS. Downloading from Apple APP store.


iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Must be running iOS5 or later. Android phone or Android tablet. Must be running Android 2.2.4 or later.

Or you can scan the QR code below to get into the download page.

QR code for iPhone/iPad/iTouch.

QR code for Android Phone/Tablet.

Anyscene requires RAM 64Mb ~ 128Mb Minimum. Current version of Anyscene is 2.1.1

Latest update time: 2016-09-22


(Optional) Install Camera Setup software to your Windows PC

*This is optional operation for Quick Start User.
Camera Setup is a software helps you to search and index your Titathink IP camera(s), The major function of Camera Setup is search the online camera (In a same local area network) and index the web setting page in a quick way. Also you can use this software to test whether the camera is online or not when setting up the camera.

* For Apple OS user, The Camera Setup is subsumed into Camera Live software. You can find out all functions of Camera Setup in the “Setup” panel of Camera live software. Learn more about Camera Live Setup Panel. Need to access the web application? See How to access it with Camera Live.

Download Camera Setup


(Optional) Install Camera Live software to your PC

 *This is optional operation for Quick Start User.
Camera Live is a simple Titathink IP cameras management software, including Live view, Records, Multi-view, Multi-record, Playback, Setup camera, etc. Also you can use this software to access the camera web application in a quick way. Camera Live is available on MAC, OS system, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Download Camera Live Software

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