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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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Setup via Web Application

This section is suited to TT520PW/TT521PW/TT522PW-B/TT522PW-S/TT610W/TT620W/TT630W/TT620CW/TT630CW/TT720PW/YY730PW/TT720LPW/TT730LPW. Those cameras are built in a dime-size web server to gather all of camera settings. Users can login exclusive web application of those Titathink cameras to setup further features, you can find all settings you need from here.

You can:

  • View Live-feed on web page.
  • Set up Video Quality.
  • Find out RTSP stream URL.
  • Set up OSD function.
  • Rotate Image.
  • Configure Schedule for camera.
  • Set up Storage to NAS or SD Card.
  • Adjust parameters for image, such as Brightness/Sharpness/Colorful etc.
  • Configure WiFi settings or alter TCP/IP parameters.
  • Configure DDNS / UPNP / P2P functions.
  • Download SD card content via browser.
  • Format SD card.
  • Adjust Motion Detection Sensitivities.
  • Configure GPIO’s property.
  • Set up camera recording continuously.
  • Make camera restarting every day.
  • Backup camera.
  • Reset camera.
  • Upgrade camera.


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