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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 3-1. Camera setup web page

3-1. Camera setup web page

In this web page, you can setup the camera for special uses. E.g:

  • You don’t want anybody to see the live feed included yourself, just need the camera record normal video stream.
  • You may want to flip the live view screen while the lens is converse.
  • Disable the power indicated light.
  • Match the frequency of camera to light frequency.
  • Adjust the microphone’s volume.

This Camera Setup page will be helpful to you.

The Camera Setup web page

For system:

[Enable privacy mode] – It will protect your privacy and prevent everybody(Included yourself) from watching your camera live feed. If you enable it, your camera live feed will only show color bars and no live videos but it still can record the live video to your SD card or storage device. un-tick the box if you want to watch live feed of your camera.

The effect picture when you enabled Privacy mode:

[Disable power LED light] – Enable or disable power LED light to turn the power LED light off on the camera.

For camera:

[Light frequency] – Match the frequency of camera to the light frequency. You have two options. “50Hz” and “60Hz”. If the camera frequency is different to the light frequency of fluorescent lamp, the video stream will have water ripple problem. You should change the “Light Frequency” option of camera to set the camera frequency to pair with fluorescent lamp.

[Enable image mirror] – Tick the “Enable image mirror” to turn the live video image upside down.

[Enable image flip vertical] – Tick the “Enable image flip vertical” to reverse the video image vertically.

[Microphone] – Enable or disable the microphone function. If your camera works with an external microphone device only, see how to choose an external microphone

[Volume] – Adjust the camera’s Speaker’s volume. Titathink cameras built-in a sound gain amplifier, this option is used to control this sound gain amplifier, it can not control the gain amplifier of external speaker device. (NOTE: This option is unavailable on Titathink Hidden IP Cameras)

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