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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  2. Titathink Hidden Cameras
  3. Setup via Web Application
  4. 4-5. P2P setup web page

4-5. P2P setup web page

In “P2P Setup” web page, you turn on/off the P2P feature of camera.

See the mean of each parameter:

[ P2P ] Enable or disable the P2P feature of camera.

  • Turn off P2P. The camera will not send P2P handshaking signal to Titathink P2P Server which located in U.S. Then the Camera live and Anyscene and Babelens app will be unable to connect the camera remotely.

[ UID ] This UID number is P2P number, it’s the unique identification number of each camera, every UID is not same.

You can check the P2P status in “System“. There are two status. If the P2P worked, the status is “Success“. Otherwise, the status is “Fail“.

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