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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 5-1. Storage Setup web page

5-1. Storage Setup web page

In “Storage Setup” web page, there are two options that you set camera to record onto a micro SD card or record onto a storage device as NAS/PC disk etc.

Don’t know how to access the web page? See How to access the web application first.

Set camera record onto Micro SD Card

The Storage menu is located on the right of the Settings screen. When you click on the words “Storage”, a sub-menu of options will be displayed.

  • [Storage] Select Enable to enable storage option.
  • [Storage Select] Select whether you want to record on NAS or microSD card. [Store directory] This is the folder that videos will be saved to.
  • [Max Space] Storage capacity the camera will use on the chosen storage.
  • [Max files] The maximum number of files for all the videos can be recorded before overwriting.
  • Click Apply to confirm your setting.

When the camera powers up with a Micro SD present in the slot, Enable “Storage” and select store to “SD card”.  Based on these settings, camera will automatically record onto SD card but it requires the SD card to run with FAT32 system. See how to check if my SD card runs with FAT32 system. If the SD card doesn’t run with FAT32 system, please see Format SD card..

*In default, the factory settings has configured camera to record onto SD card.


Record onto external storage device ( NAS / PC disck )

  • [NAS remote path] This is the address & path where to save the files on NAS Drive (up to a maximum of 2 directory levels). The format must be //
  • [Authorization] Select whether authentication is required by the NAS Drive. Storing onto PC disk if your platform is Win 7 or later, this option would be recommended to enable.
  • [User name] & [Password] Type the user name and password of the NAS Drive. This field is required if your NAS Drive requires authentication. The user name and password are same as your PC’s when storing onto PC disk.
  • Click Apply to confirm your setting.

Here is an PDF document to guide you how to set camera record onto NAS/PC disk successfully. How to store video files onto PC and NAS.

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