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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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5-3. Format SD Card

Titathink IP cameras requires Micro SD Card runs with a FAT32 format system. Here are two methos for your reference.

  • Format it via PC system. Using a card reader to carry the Micro SD Card then insert it into an USB port of PC. Right clicking on the partition of this SD card once it’s recognized by PC. Then choose “Format…” option to wake up the format popup window. There are three options for your chose. Select FAT32 system but not exFAT32. *NOTE: Some computer may not have FAT32 option, for this case, use method “Format it via web page”.
  • Format it via web page of camera.

Format Micro SD Card via web page of camera

By clicking Format button the camera will format SD card to FAT32 and clear up all content in SD card. *NOTE: If there is some important information stored on SD card, please backup it before you get started formatting SD card.


  • The Status says Not Ready means there is no a Micro SD card inserted or the Micro SD card is not FAT32 system. It requires you to perform a format function.
  • Store to shows storage direction. There are two signs: One is SD card, other one is NAS. If the sign of “Store to” is NAS, the Format button will be unavailable.
  • The Format button becomes Gray color and be unavailable to click. That means the SD card inserted is broken, or there is no SD card in the Micro SD card slot. You should take down SD card and recheck it.
  • The SD card format can take a few minutes depending on the size of the SD card. After format action is completed, please refresh the web page to get newest status.
  • A reboot is normally necessary when you insert a microSD card into the camera and after formatting the microSD card with the camera’s format tool.
  • See how to format SD card via Phone app.
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