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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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6-4. Schedule Setup web page

The alarm that the motion detection triggers can be set to be active or inactive at certain times of the week. By default, the schedule is set to be “active” at all times “always”.

However you can set the schedule not to trigger alarms at certain times (useful for instance if you don’t want alarms to go off while your office is open from 9am until 5.30pm). You can set up to 4 schedules, and you can use these to send alarms to different places – such as emails, FTP or SD card (This feature should set Task Management and Schedule together).

Through the Schedule Setup, you can set camera to record at any assigned time you want.

  • Schedule Setup Options [Schedule ID] Select the ID, you can save up to 4 schedules and use them for different purposes.
  • [No.] Setup the specified times in every Schedule ID, you can save up to 8 specified times and use them for different purposes.
  • [Enable] Activates the alarm on specified times. Ticking this box to activate the alarm on the specified times.
  • [Start time] Start time of the alarm.
  • [End time] End time of the alarm.
  • [Days] Ticking this box activate the alarm daily on the specified times from Monday to Sunday.
  • Click Apply to confirm your setting.


You want camera to record motion activated onto SD card from 5PM to 8AM on Friday only. You should setup it as following screen shots.

Go to Task Management –> Enable No.9 Record to storage on alarm –> Alter Schedule from Always to Schedule 1.


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