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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 7-2. User Management web page

7-2. User Management web page

Allows you to add or remove users who can view your camera. Useful if you want to allow others to view your camera, without having full admin rights.

  • [Add] Up to 64 users (including the admin) can be created.
    • Adding users: Click Add on the Camera User List page, then fill in a username and password (twice) and then click Add.
    • To edit a user’s password: Click on the user name then enter the new password for that user twice and click Save.
    • To delete a user: Click on the user name then click Delete.
  • [Allow anonymous access] This is to be used if you wish to share video with other users, without prompting them for a user name and password. This will allow the user free access to view the “Live View” page, whereas access to the Settings page will still be prohibited.
  • [HTTP/RTSP Authentication method] The “Basic” authentication scheme is based on the model that the client must authenticate itself with an user-ID and a password. Digest Access is a more secure login method as the username and password are encrypted before being sent over the Internet, however not all systems support Digest Access Authentication.

Note: A maximum of 16 users are allowed to access the camera simultaneously. As the number of simultaneous users increases, the overall performance will decrease. This is dependent on the network bandwidth, not the camera.

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