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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  3. Setup via Web Application
  4. 7-4. Backup or Reset web page

7-4. Backup or Reset web page

Backup or Reset page allows you:

  • Reset the camera to factory defaults.
  • Backup the configuration in case of accidental reset and restore settings from a backup.

  • [Reset] Click Reset to initialize the camera to default factory settings. All users and settings will be lost, requiring you to reconfigure the camera.
  • [Backup] Click Backup to back-up the current configuration of the camera for future reference. Once you have your camera setup as you require, this is recommended.
  • To restore a backup file: [Browse…] Click Browse… to search for a backup configuration you wish to upload to the camera, then click Restore.

Note: Do not turn off the power during the Restore function since this might corrupt the camera’s firmware

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