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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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  4. 7-5. Watchdog Setup

7-5. Watchdog Setup

When you are planning to start a vacation and will be far away from the camera, the Watchdog Setup will be recommended. Watchdog function will be helpful to you to avoid following cases:

  1. The camera will automatically reboot itself at any time you assigned to avoid the progarm runs with some accident errors when you’re outside that┬ácan not reboot the camera manually.
  2. The camera can ping a common website in a regular time to test the Internet connection. If camera can not ping the assigned website, it will reboot itself to avoid the case of lost connection which caused by camera itself.

NOTE: An external Internet error (router can not access Internet) can not be solved with watchdog function.

  • [Periodic reboot] Enable task to keep camera automatic self-checking the connectivity status.
  • [Reboot Time] Option to choose always or set a particular schedule.
  • [Offline reboot] Enable task to keep camera automatic self-checking the Internet connectivity status.
  • [First ping address] The website address you provided. We recommend
  • [Second ping address] The website address in reserve to replace the First ping address if First ping address is unable to connect.
  • [Periodic ping time] Set a regular time to make camera checking itself. The defaule value is 300.
  • [Fail count] The count of failed connection. When failed connection time reaches the number you set, camera will consider itself has lost Internet connection then reboot itself. The default value is 3.
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