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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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7-6. Firmware Upgrade

From time to time a new firmware may be released for your model of camera.

Once you have downloaded the latest firmware, store it in a place that is easily to get to. The suffix of firmware is .mfw. It’s a binary file which can not be opened by any common programs. The firmware is in a ZIP file, which is a compressed file format. You will need to move or copy the file from this compressed folder (some versions of Windows will allow you to do this, but if not, you will need a program like WinZip or WinRAR to unzip the file to a standard folder). This is very important as the firmware will not update properly if it’s left in the compressed state.


  • We do recommend you update to the latest firmware for your camera whenever we release one to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. However, this is a serious process and can damage your camera if not done correctly.
  • If your firmware is several versions out of date, upgrading straight to the latest one is perfectly fine, you do not need to install each and every update.
  • It is recommended you reboot your computer before attempting this operation and then close ALL programs that may interfere with the process. Interruption to this process will result in your camera being un‐useable.
  • You may want to backup your settings before the upgrade. You may also want to make a note of your settings before upgrade. The backup/restore configuration may not work between firmware upgrades, so always make a note before starting.

Go to Firmware Upgrade web page

Click “Continue” , then you will get to following screen. Select Browse… and locate the file you have uncompressed from the ZIP file. Please NOTE: Once you have located the file and selected it, click Upgrade.

When you click Upgrade button, the process will start. This can take 3-5 minutes (It should be faster based on your PC performance). Don’t perform any other actions on your computer while you are doing this upgrade.

Wait 3-5 minute till the warning message “ Caution !!!!!! Upgrading Firmware! Please don’t turn off power or reset the camera till firmware upgrade successfully……” displayed.

Till warming message above displayed, then Wait 2-3 minutes again till the message. After the upgrade completes, you will be prompted “ Firmware upgrade successfully, reboot now ?” to reboot the camera, then click “reboot”, after this your latest firmware will be recorded.

Click Reboot button, you need to wait for about 45 seconds to let camera reboot itself.

You can check the camera firmware version in camera “System“, which is on the top of the right corner. You will get to the screen. If your firmware upgrade succeed, then the firmware version will be updated.

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