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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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2. Camera live Tour

After Camera Live is installed, open it and you will see the window box below:


list of all your Titathink cameras on the screen or add a new Titathink camera here. The Camera live will automatically access this interface when you open it.

View all Titathink cameras on one screen. You can add all of your Titathink cameras to the Multilive interface and make them recording or viewing together.

Playback the recorded video files on the PC. You can also retrieve the recorded file with Video interface. Please NOTE: This interface can not retrieve the video file stored on SD card or phone.

Just view your snapshots. You can also retrieve the snapshot files with Album interface. Please NOTE: This interface can not retrieve the snapshot files stored on SD card or phone.

For camera advanced setting. Or search the online camera in a local network (Intranet). And you can jump to the web application of camera for advanced setup.

 Change save path:
Change the save folder of video file recorded by Camera live software.

The version of Camera live software. Now the latest version is 1.1 which was launched in 2015-09-06. You can download the latest version from Camera live web page.

For full tour of Camera live, see intro webpage of Camera Live software.

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