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Titathink Hidden Cameras

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3. Add camera

Add your Titathink camera(s) to Camera live software. Go to “Camera” interface.

1. Click on “Add Video” to add the camera

2. Enter the UID.

  • If the camera and your computer are connected to the same local network, we highly recommend you click Discover button, then camera live will find the camera UID automatically. By using discover button, you can check whether or not the camera is online.
  • If you want to add the camera to your computer remotely. The discover button will be not suited to you, you should type the UID number manually. The UID number can be found on the side of the main unit or the camera body.

Highlight the discovered camera and then click OK to enter the UID number.

3. Enter “User Name” and “Password” (The default User Name and password is admin) to add the camera.  And type the identifying name to “Camera Name”. Then click “OK” to add the camera.

4. After you successfully added the camera, see the status and icons:

  • Chain icon. This icon is used to identify the status of added camera. Green chain means the camera has connected to computer successfully. Red chain means the camera lost connection to computer.
  • Player icon. Click on it to view the camera. Or you can double click on the thumbnail to start viewing.
  • Drop-down icon. “Play” means accessing camera to view. “Delete” means delete camera from Camera live. “Modify” means you can access the add-camera window again to alter the username and password and camera name.

NOTE: If you found the thumbnail shows you “No Video”, but the chain icon is green. That means there is no thumbnail. You should double click this “No Video” thumbnail to view camera and then software will automatically generate a thumbnail.

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