How to store video file to your PC computer

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    If you want to make Titathink cameras storing video file to your PC or NAS, this article shows how to store it.

    Before you start, you should know:

    In case you are intending to get camera recorded onto PC, you need to create a shared folder on your computer firstly. Please make sure the shared folder has permission to be read and wrote by the “Administrator” or “Everyone” roles.

    If your computer runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8

    We made a documentation for your reference, follow the steps then you can easily get the camera recording onto your PC

    Download the documentation

    There are advantages and disadvantage to store video file to your PC or NAS.


    1, PC has Large capacity storage to store your video file.

    2, If you restart your computer, the camera will not stop recording and will store continually.

    3, You don’t need to click the icon video on the Network Camera page.


    It will take up disk space and camera can not delete the space automatically when PC disk is full.  You need to delete it by yourself while SD card can delete.


    If your computer runs on Windows 10

    Because of the compatibility of Windows, so in order to get camera recorded onto PC shared folder, you need to modify few settings of your Windows 10 computer. Please refer to below steps.

    Step 1: Before you start, please ensure you has give the Read-and-Write permission to the role “Everyone” on sharing properties of your shared folder. Please refer to below steps to open the accessing permission of shared folder.

    1. Please find your shared folder on your computer.
    2. Right click on the shared folder and select the “Properties” option.
    3. Go to Share tab and you can see the Advanced Sharing option.
    4. Click on the Advanced Sharing button then you can see the Permission button.
    5. You will see the role “Everyone”, please highlight the Everyone and give it full control by check this option.
    6. Then click “Apply” to save the changes.
    7. You should see the camera recording to the shared folder when there is motion detected if you made the camera recording on alarm.


    Step 2: Turn off the password protected sharing option.

    Go to “Control panel” –> “Network and Internet” –> “Network and Sharing Center” –> “Change advanced sharing settings” –>”All networks” –> “Turn off password protected sharing”

    How to store video file to your PC computer

    How to store video file to your PC computer

    How to store video file to your PC computer

    How to store video file to your PC computer


    Step 3: Please login the camera’s web application and fill the information you entered before and make sure the Authorization is No. Please make sure the NAS remote path is correct.

    How to store video file to your PC computer

    Then please ensure you have enabled one of following options.

    How to store video file to your PC computer

    You’re done. Now check your folder to see if there has new video file or not.

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