How to adjust video quality with your computer

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    How to adjust video quality with your computer

    (Applies to all Titathink cameras).

    When the camera detects images, the digital image processing chip in the camera will divided the image into 3 streams automatically: Primary stream, Secondary stream and Mobile streams.

    The primary stream is the best quality image, Secondary stream’s image quality and image size is not as good as the primary stream. and the Mobile stream is used for old smart phones and It seldom to use now.  When you got a new camera, the video quality was set up the best by default.

    Now we will show you how to adjust high quality video on your computer.

    1,Go to the camera web application setup page: here is the Titathink link to login to the web application page of camera.

    2,After you enter the web application page, select Camera Stream setup.

    3, In this page, use Primary stream to set up, select Image size, Frame rate, H.264.MPEG4 bitrate’s value number to the highest.For example: select Image size: 1280*720. Frame rate: 30 fps. H.264/MPEG4 bitrate: 4096 kbps.

    But it will increase your bandwidth use. In other words, a better video quality means will use larger bandwidth, so we suggest you choose the suitable video quality based on your bandwidth. You can know if the video quality affects the bandwidth by watching the live view. If the live view does not goes smoothly, it means the usage of the bandwidth is high, so you have to lower the video quality.



    Image size: the size of video image, is that 1280*720P, which  means its horizontal pixels are 1280 and the vertical pixels are 720it is a high definition, and its total pixels are 921,600.

    Frame rate: also known as frame frequency, is the frequency (rate) at which an imaging device displays consecutive images called frames. Frame rate is expressed in frames per second (FPS)

    H.264/MPEG4 bitrate: is a video coding format that is currently one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of video content

    Secondary stream the largest image size is 768*432 and the Mobile stream is 512*288

    If you want to learn more about resolution, you can visit URL: Titathink website:

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