Camera can work with router via ethernet cable but it does not work wirelessly

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    For this case, there may be several types of situations, please check those one by one.

    First, please prepare a PC or MAC which has installed the client software “Camera live“.

    Second, power on the camera, and make sure that both the camera and your PC has been covered by the same local area network. In other words, the camera and PC should connect to a same router. At this time, the camera are working wirelessly.

    Third, open the client software “Camera live” to discover the camera or check the camera’s online status. Due to titathink camera built-in P2P protocol, while power on the camera, it will automaticlly penetrate the local router to broadcast the camera signal, so that if there is a PC/MAC/Smartphone which installed “Camera live” in the same local area network, the camera will be detected by the software. Please refer to below picture.


    If the camera was able to be found and listed by software, user just need to click on the “Browser” button to access the web setting applications, get through the web application to fill in your wifi cryptogram. Or more simply: Using the WAP to match on the camera and router. Once the cryptogram was validated successful and the wifi was accessed by camera, user can watch the live feed remotely.

    If the camera was not able to be found by software, it means that there is not a search result after user clicked on the “Search” button. For this case, user should reboot the camera and router about 10 seconds because of the router maybe have a mistake. In most cases, rebooting the those machine will repair this problem. But if the way is useless, please contact us!

    Following will show you where to fill in the wifi cryptogram.



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