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    Camera Setup is a software helps you to search and index your Titathink IP camera(s), The major function of Camera Setup is search the online camera (In a same local area network) and index the web setting page in a quick way. Also you can use this software to test whether the camera is online or not when setting up the camera.


    Download Camera Setup software


    * The Camera Setup is subsumed into Camera Live software. You can find out all functions of Camera Setup in the “Setup” panel of Camera live software. Learn more about Camera Live Setup Panel. Need to access the web application? See How to access it with Camera Live.

    Please NOTE: Camera Setup is now available on both Windows platform and Apple OS platform, including Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and MacBook and iMAC.


    What is the difference between Camera Live and Camera Setup?


    Camera Live software is a software which designed for PC user. It is a simple Titathink IP cameras management software, including Live view, Records, Multi-view, Multi-record, Playback, Setup camera, etc. You could use Third-Party software like Blue Iris, Dahua NVR, Hikvision NVR, Synology GUI etc instead of Camera Live software. From more information about Camera Live software, please see Camera Live Tutorial.

    Camera Setup software is a simple setup software to assist user to get the IP address of camera so that user can access the web application easily. Through the web application page, user can setup further settings of camera, and watch live view and download the video file stored on SD card and so on. *NOTE: This software is just available on local area network. Now Camera Setup software’s features have been contained by Camera Live Software’s “Setup” panel, please see Camera Live Tutorial


    User interface of Camera Setup



    [Refresh] – Retrieve current local area network to search online camera. If there is an online camera in this local area network, this camera will be listed.

    [Setup] – Setup the basic IP address and Port of camera. Click “Setup” button, user need to enter the login account info and then access the setup interface.

    [Open] – Call the default browser to open the web application of camera then user can setup further settings.

    [Exit] – Logout the Camera Setup software.

    UPDATED TIME: 2016-05-18

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