How to use the Babelens MP3 player feature?

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    For using the MP3 player feature, user should follow below steps to setup some paramter of Babelens.

    But it’s one more thing to do before getting started. There are some rules require the user to perform.

    1. Please note that the size of mp3 file shoud not exceed 8Mb.
    2. The mp3 file name must be consist of english char or number, no white space and no special characters like / $ * ( )… Meawhile the length of name must not exceed 16 chars. For example, the file is A1.mp3, a123.mp3, 123.mp3, 1ab3.mp3 and all that.
    3. Prepare a micro sd card for Babelens camera.

    There are two ways to upload the MP3 files to SD card.

    1. Insert the micro sd card in to Babelens’s boby, and then connect the Babelen camera to the router and then visit camera web setting page(Sign in the web page -> Camera -> Mp3 player -> Upload the mp3 file) with your computer browser. Please refer to below figure:mp3-upload-file.jpg
    2. The other way without the browser. If your micro sd card never be use by the camera, Pls create a “MP3PLAYER” folder on the sd card via your PC, and copy some mp3 files(Named as 1A.mp3 , 111.mp3 , 1-A.mp3 , aaa.mp3 …) to this folder, and then plug the sd card into camera microSD card slot, now you can play the mp3 file via titathink camera.

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