I want to connect my camera to a NAS device, how shall i do?

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    If user wants to connect titathink camera to a NAS device, user should setup something to enable this feature. Please kindly follow below information to setup it.

    First of all, user should login the web setup page of camera. Please make sure that both user and camera has been covered by a same network, and then open the software called “Camera live”.




    Sign in your account and setup storage option, Goto “Storage”–>”Storage Setup”–>Choose NAS option–>Type and enter your NAS username and password.



    Side note: The camera just can be able to work with a general NAS device. A general NAS means that it just storages the files, no other functions such as remotely control the camera with NAS device GUI. For example, if user wants to connect the camera to a SYNOLOGY nas devicem due to it has their own procotol which includes general NAS procotol, in other words, the general NAS procotol just is a part of their procotol. In this case, the camera just has permissions to storage the recording file to NAS, it can not be controled by this SYNOLOGY NAS device.

    Actually, the current ip camera technology could not make the ip camera working with all of NAS devices which have their own GUI. The ip camera just can be available on NAS with NAS protocol. Because so many kinds of NAS brand have their own Graphic User Interface, and the communication protocol of their GUI will be not the same. So ip camera just can work with NAS only via NAS protocol. Such as the Synology device, it has their own GUI, and it also supports NAS protocol, in this case, this NAS just is a file storage system when the ip camera connected to it. If the ip camera is connected to this NAS, the ip camera will storage the recoring file to this NAS automatically, user can view the recording file on the back-end interface of NAS, but if user wanna control the ip camera with NAS graphic user interface, it will have no effect.

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