New firmware V6.41 for Standard camera (Released on January 6, 2018)

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    Latest updated time is January 6, 2018.

    The new firmware V6.41 which released on January 6, 2018 for parts of Titathink standard IP cameras is available to download. There are three kinds of firmware for different regions. Please download the firmware based on the country your bought the camera.

    • You got the camera from or or Please select US version.
    • You got the camera from or or or or, please select Europe version or UK version.
    • You got the camera from Please select the version based on your country or US version.

    The suffix of model name without “-PRO” means the camera belongs Standard version of  Titathink camera. In general cases, the camera ordered before January 2017 or the second-hand camera should belong to the standard version. Please carefully check the version number of your camera first, the camera model name can be found at the surface of the camera.

    Cautions :
    Please download the firmware matching to your camera model number. You can find the camera’s model number on the label or the system information page. If you use unmatching firmware file, the upgrade will fail.

    This update is only available for those cameras below:

    • TT520PW
    • TT521PW
    • TT522PW-B
    • TT522PW-S
    • TT520G
    • TT610W
    • TT630W
    • TT620CW
    • TT630CW
    • TT720PW
    • TT730PW
    • TT720LPW
    • TT730LPW
    • TT820G
    • TT830G


    How to check the firmware number of the camera
    How to upgrade the camera firmware

    NOTE: The firmware can be directly used without uncompress.

    Please proceed the upgrading operation in a local area network. Don’t move or power off the camera until you see the message “Upgraded Successfully” during the upgrading process! Otherwise the firmware of camera will be damaged!


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