How to setup the camera so that you can receive alarms via email?

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    Please kindly follow below figures to learn more about how to setup the camera so that user is able to get alarm emails. Before going ahead, please make sure you have more than 2 Email boxes.

    Please open the Anyscene / Babelens App, tap the “My Camera” and then popup the edit bat by swipping the camera title from right to left.

    Please select the “Advanced Setting” option.

    And then choosing “Alarm Actions”–>”Alarm Email”.

    Please refer to following figure to configure below email setting.

    Please note that what is the meaning of above special words.

    [Snapshot stream] means that which streams you want to snapshot, 1st is the primary streaming, 2nd is secondary streaming.

    [Email Interval] means the interval time betweens two sent emails.

    [Server] needs to ask for the email service providers. For example, the server of Yahoo email is

    in Alert & Motion Detection Tags: email alarmsemail notificationsetup email
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