How to enable the clock camera app Lizvie’s volume/sound icon

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    If you live in United States, you may find the clock camera’s app Lizvie could not boardcast sound since updated app to version 2.0 or later, this is because spy cameras or hidden cameras are not allowed to record audio according to the US Federal Law. Our app developer has shielded out the sound function of the camera in the US region accordingly. When the app detects the region on your phone is the US, the sound icon will be disappeared automatically. But for the other countries, we don’t remove the sound icon.

    Now you can turn on this sound recording function depending on the local laws of your state.


    Currently this clock camera TT531WN-PRO and TT532PRO will record only video and not audio for the users lived in USA.
    Depending upon how this camera is used and your state and local laws, the use of audio on this camera may be prohibited. Please consult your state and local laws. If audio is permitted you can use the instructions below to turn on the audio recording function.

    1. Open the Lizvie app, and then click the “More” button, see the screenshot below:

    2. Next tap on “About” icon to wake up the about page, see screenshot below:

    3. In the about page, tap the Lizvie app icon 6 times then you will get the app enabled the audio recording function.

    4. You’re done, now you can use the audio recording function, please open the camera live feed to check the volume icon.


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