The sound pick up device works with TT520PW unsuccessfully

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    Let’s check the possible reason one by one.

    Situation 1:

    First, if user met a case like that the Anyscene said speaker and voice detection are not available, it was normally. Because TT520PW don’t have speaker and voice Detection function.

    Second, check the volume of microphone, make sure the volume of microphone are not the minimum volume, Please refer to the below figure.


    Third,  goto the APP control panel, there is a speaker icon. Turn it on by tapping the speaker icon (Please refer to the below figure), if user can hear the voice, that’s all the devices are working well.



    Situation 2:

    If user can’t hear the voice at all, let us to check the camera and the sound pick up device,
    Please prepare other audio devices such as DVD, Zune or Any other music player, and then connect the spund pick device’s audio output to the camera audio input RCA Male Adapter with a audio cable. Please refer to the below figure.


    And then play the DVD music and enable the speaker icon on the app control panel, check that whether or not the anyscene on your phone can output the voice.(Please ensure that your phone is not muted)

    If the anyscene can output voice, means that the camera has no problem. So user should check the sound pick up device.

    Now prepare a SPEAKER, connect the sound pick up device’s audio output BNC to the SPEAKER audio input RCA Male Adapter, please refer to below figure as a connection. If the SPEAKER can’t output the voice, May be there are some problems in the Sound Pick-up Device, user should contact that device seller to ask for an assistance.


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