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    NOTE: This manual does NOT for Titathink clock camera TT531WN, TT12CN, TT18 and Titathink NVR kit TT900WK.


    Manual Released Date Version Attribute Download
    Manual Feb 28, 2017 v1.0.0 Download


    Quick Guide Released Date Version Attribute Download
    Quick Guide Nov 12, 2018 v1.2.0 Learn more

    Take a tour for the catalog of manual. Manual is used to direct user to learn more about how to configure camera’s advanced settings via phone, computer and browser.



    User Manual of Titathink

    Manual Released Date Version Attribute Download
    General Manual 2016-04-28 v1.0.0 Download

    Users are able to learn more about such as pre-requisites and Initial Connection and web interface of camera from user manual. Following is category of user manual.

    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Installation
    2.1 Pre-requisites and Initial Connection
    2.2 PC Quick start
    2.2.1 Camera Setup Software Installation for PC·
    2.2.2 Finding your Camera with Camera Live Utility
    2.2.3 Camera Live Menu Function Introduction
    2.3 Mac Quickstart
    2.3.1 Apple Airport Remote Access Setup
    2.4 Camera Homepage
    2.5 Live View (using Internet Explorer)
    3.0 Wi-Fi Wireless & WCDMA (3G)Setup for PC and Mac
    3.1 Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
    3.2 3G Wireless Setup for PC and Mac
    4.0 Remote Access Setup
    4.1 Is the Remote Access Setup already done?
    4.2 UPNP SETUP—Enabling UPnP for Automatic Remote Access Setup
    4.3 Overview of Manual IP address setup (without UPnP)
    4.3.1 TCP/IP SETUP –Manual Setup Step 1: Assigning a permanent IP address for your camera on your local
    network (Without UPnP)
    4.3.2 Manual Setup step 2: Configuring your router to allow access to your camera from the Internet (Without
    4.4 DDNS SETUP
    4.4.1 DDNS SETUP Step 1—Choosing a Name for your Camera on the Internet
    4.4.2 DDNS SETUP 2–Automatic Updating of your Camera’s Internet IP address
    5.0 Positioning and Mounting
    6.1 Login Password Modification
    6.2 Quick Setup with the Wizard
    6.3 System Page
    6.4 Reboot
    6.5 Camera Menu
    6.5.1 Camera Setup
    6.5.2 Stream Setup
    6.5.3 Image Setup
    6.5.4 OSD Setup
    6.5.5 Night Vision Settings
    6.6 Network Menu
    6.7 STORAGE
    6.7.1 Storage Setup
    6.7.2 MicroSD Card Information and Installation
    6.7.3 MicroSD card installation
    6.7.5 Browse Storage
    6.7.6 Format SD Card
    6.8 TASK
    6.8.1 Motion Detection Using Internet Explorer
    6.8.2 Motion Detection using other browsers(Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
    6.8.3 Schedule Setup
    6.8.4 Task Management Email Alarm Sending/Email Periodic Sending
    6.9 Tools Menu
    6.9.1 System Identity
    6.9.2 User Management
    6.9.3 Date & Time
    6.9.4 Backup and Reset
    6.9.5 Automatic Reboot Setup
    6.9.6 Firmware Upgrade
    6.9.7 Resetting the Camera back to Factory Settings


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