What kind of sound pick up device should I purchase?

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    The specifications of audio for TT520PW is as follows:

    RCA connector.
    Frequency range: 100-100 KHZ.
    Input impedance: 600 ohm non equilibrium

    According to above information, user can purchase most of sound pick up device on Amazon. TT520PW is compatible with most CCTV Security pickup device. User can search the related device with the keyword “sound pick up device / monitor”. For example, our customer picked up one sound device like the following picture. This device offers 2pcs BNC Female Connector and RCA Male Adapter so that users¬†are able to use the extended cable to connect your camera host unit to the sound pick up device. The connection please refer to below figure.


    Please note that the sound maybe have A certain amount of attenuation, but this case has no influence on the application.

    If user already have a sound pick up device, but it is failed connecting to titathink camera. Please refer to following links: https://support.titathink.com/knowledge-base/the-sound-pick-up-device-works-with-tt520pw-unsuccessfully

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