Audio does not sync with video on SD Card



The recorded video is behind the audio on the SD card (The sound is a few seconds before the video and not in sync).

My settings are – 720p / Max Bit Rate (6144) / Frame Rate 25 (VBR).

I have tried different SD cards and also reformatted (in the camera and on the computer).

Please can you help?

Many thanks


Asked on 4 years ago.

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  1. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your email and sorry for the problem.

    Would you please let us know your purchase order number? Then we will solve it for you properly.

    We are here waiting for your kindly reply to go ahead.
    Have a nice day

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  2. Hello Mary,

    I have the same issue. I have the TT531 and when I remove the SD card to view on a laptop using VLC player. The audio is about 20 seconds before the video.

    Is their a video player that is more compatible.

    When I play the video through the Lizvie app of iPhone in the SD storage section. the audio is better sync but Chopped or better description would be echo something like this. o one, t two, app apple.

    I hope you can help

    Thank you


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  3. Hello Flavio,

    Thanks for your email and we are glad to help you.
    For the problem, please try to copy the videos on your SD card to your local computer, then please use VLC or other player (Windows Media Player) to play the videos to see if it’s ok.
    If you have any further questions, please let us know.
    Have a nice day


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  4. Hi Mary,


    i have the same issue. What Flavio initial commented regarding 20 sec audio delay with VLC or any other media player (Like Windows Media player) on SD card, i can attest that the problem is exactly the same after copying the files over to local computer and then using media player to view video

    Flavio also noted, playing videos on Lizvie app, audio is “much better” scynced and that is the same experience for me also, so the file isnt corrupt, HOWEVER the app lacks important basic comands such as fast forward and rewind making it a useless option specially if you have 15min long videos and want to spot check or start at a specific time of the video.. (but thats a completely seperate issue)


    also note that the longer the video lenght, the longer the delay. videos 10min long have 30 sec audio delays, 2 min videos only have 2-4 secs delay

    Finally, if the video was captured with infrared on the audio delay is less then if infrared is off

    so i think it requires a specific codec that conventional media players dont have?


    Any help to have a usuable media player with correct audio would be appreciated! Ive been search a solution for over a year


    thank you


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    • @Johnny: Hi Johnny,

      Thanks for your email and sorry for the problem. 

      We are sorry for the problem and caused you too much trouble. We would like to tell you that we’ve updated new firmware to fix these problems. Would you please provide us with your order number,  and then we will pass your order number to our relative co-workers to solve the problem for you.

      Thanks for your great support us and sorry for the problem again.

      Have a nice day


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  5. Ive had the same problem as well. Of course it will never get fixed. You can contact support all you want, but they don’t actually attempt to fix the issue. Its just cheap hardware. You spend 100.00 on a camera that should cost 15. A firmware update is all that will fix it, but unlike all of their other cameras, this one take a “special tool” that they don’t even elaborate on when they tell you that.

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