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?Michael Najera

My mother recently purchased a Titathink TT520PW and is completely technology illiterate.  She’s asked me to help her setup the camera, but since we live very far away from each other, I can only try to help her troubleshoot over the phone.
She was able to partly setup the camera.  Initially she was able to download the “anyscene” app and stream the video from the camera to the app.  After about a week, she was no longer able to see any video from the camera, and the camera status reads “offline.”

I have tried looking through the FAQs to see the possible causes.  The only relevant information I could find said that this problem could be caused from not being properly connected to the WiFi.

I looked up the manual online to try to help her out.  We tried to reconnect the main unit back to her router to see if the camera would temporarily “connect.”  This did not work.  She pushed all of the cables into the their sockets to ensure a secure connection and is still having the same problem.  I tried to have her delete the camera and reinstall it, but we are still having the same issue.

If no immediate solutions are thought of, can the support team please list all possible causes of an “offline” status issue.

Thanks in advance

Asked on 3 years ago.

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