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Hi – I upgrade the LIZVIE Software Application and now Audio no longer works. I went in and tapped the ICON Six (6) times as noted to turn Audio back on but it did not work.

I was able to get the record to phone feature working but I cannot delete Pictures or Videos from the phone.

I cannot get the SD Card to work at all.

Please advise.


Asked on 2 years ago.

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  1. Hi Rich,

    Greetings from Titathink. We’re sorry that you were experiencing problem with this camera. This is Barry replying. I’m glad to assist you. First of all, we are wondering what phone platform you are using? The Android or iOS? And please let me know if the camera can be viewed on your phone or does it have “online” status?

    In favor of solving the problem, I would like to suggest you to reset your clock camera once time by refering the manual. In general cases, the reset operation will clear up most of unexpected error of the camerato get the camera be pair with your newest Lizvie app.

    Next, I would like to suggest you to backup the videos/photos of your SD card to your computer and then format the SD card to FAT32 format by using your computer. This is useful to repair the SD card recording problem.

    I know you met problems about deleting the videos or photos recorded on the phone, but please do a reset for the camera first. And then I suggest you uninstall the Lizvie from your phone and reinstall the app again. For iOS phone, we tested it with iPhone 4/5/6/7/8 which running at iOS 11.2.6 without any problem. For Android phone, please take a try to install the app once time, if this is not working, please take a try to install the olde version of app: 

    This old version of app also can help you out of the sound recording issue.

    Hope that helps, please reply here if you have further question. Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Barry Ya

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