How do I download videos from the sd card

?Kevin Chamberlain

I can save photo files to my iPad remotely from the sd card but can’t find a way of saving video files, is it possible?

also when trying to delete files remotely from the sd card I often get the message saying  firmware does support remote file deletion, but a few hours later it will work, any ideas?

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Asked on 3 years ago.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your email and we are glad to serve you.
    1, We are sorry to tell you that the app doesn’t have a function to allow you to save videos to your iPad, you only can save pictures to your iPad at the moment. But you can use a web browser to access the web application page to save the videos from your SD card to your iPad locally or remotely. For how to go to the webpage, please check the link below.

    By reason of the permission of the iPad, it seems user can not directly download files from web browser to iOS devices like iPad/iPhone. You can take a try first, we will also pass such requirements to our R&D team to check if this can be achieved or not.

    2, Would you please check if the firmware says does support remote message or does NOT support remote message. If it says does not support, that because you delete the files remotely, as the Internet speed problem, you need to wait some time to delete the files. Hope you can understand.

    Any further we can do, please let us know
    Have a nice day

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