I am having problems with receiving push notifications and Motion Detection Alerts on the AnyScene App


For some reason, now I am having problems with receiving push notifications and Motion Detection Alerts on the AnyScene Appp for the TT520PW. Everything worked well from the beginning, but now not working very well. The video and snapshots works though, but I feel that it is sometimes missing motion detection going on in the area of the camera. I have tried everything to fix the problem, unplug the camera, reinstall the software on Android, went into the settings on the computer Win10 and verified push notifications are on. Also, on the app on the phone-verified everything is on, but still not working.

Asked on 1 year ago.

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    Greetings from Titathink.

    Thanks for your pure chat and sorry we missed it. Hope you can understand.  We are very sorry for the problem you experienced during these days.

    For the problem, it is caused by the app on Android system because Google changed some policy recently and our engineers are working on it and they will update a new version of the app to fix the problem.  Once the new app is released, we will send it to you immediately, or keep updating your Anyscene app.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding in advance.

    If you have any further questions, please let us know.

    Have a nice day.
    Mary Tang

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  2. Updates:

    The current status of newest version of Anyscene for Android system is still in development, because the problem involves to the battery optimization settings of Android 8.0, we need some time to troubleshoot the compatible problem with Google team. The compatible problem causes some strange problem like not app notification, not able to snapshot on app.

    So please still keep updating the app on Google play.

    Currently there are two ways to let you get the app pushing notification back to normal:

    WAY #1:
    You can take a try downgrade the app version to 2.1.6. Download it from here: https://support.titathink.com/downloads/software/android/AnyScene_v216RC.apk

    WAY #2:
    Take a try disabling any battery optimization settings (i.e. Doze) that are interacting with the app. Disabling that should make the notifications come up again.

    This topic will be closed, if you need to follow up the problem, please re-start a new discussion. Thank you for discussing in Titathink Support Communities.

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